Less Naked Whey

It’s no surprise to hear that I am a beauty, health, and fitness guru. Those three topics are not only a passion of mine, simply put, it’s a way of life for me. 

When Naked Nutrition approached me with an opportunity to try their products, I am not going to lie, I was a little skeptical. Ingredients are so important to me and so many protein powders are filled with ingredients that don’t get the Smash approval. However, this particular protein powder does! 

On the bottle itself there is a statement that says, “nothing to hide,” and that my friends is like music to my ears! I can stand by any company that truly has nothing to hide. Many consumers don’t know what to look for when making decisions so, many depend on experts to help guide them with their purchases. I am here to tell you that if you’re on the market for a protein powder look no further, Less Naked Whey will not disappoint. 

They have many different options to choose from so make sure you choose a protein powder that is best suited for your needs. Side note; some of the powders contain milk, so if you have a milk allergy or sensitivity look for an option that doesn’t contain those ingredients! Happy protein powder shopping to you all!