When I was a newly wed, I was so excited to wear (or should I say flaunt) my diamond ring everywhere. And I mean everywhere. I would wear my ring to bed, in the shower, to the gym, there was really no place I wouldn’t wear my ring. My wedding ring became a part of me and my everyday attire. Well, as you can imagine all of that changed when I almost lost my diamond. 

My ring was so worn that the prongs that held my diamond in place were so lose that I was on the verge of losing my diamond forever. After that dreadful experience of almost losing my diamond, I decided right then and there that I would stop wearing it to places (like the gym) that could potentially hurt or destroy the integrity of my ring. 

That is when a friend of mine introduced me to Groovelife. What is Groovelife you ask? Groovelife is a company that makes silicone rings that are breathable, flexible, and comfortable to wear while exercising or playing sports. And they are really cute too! Since I am in the beauty industry fashion is really important to me so making sure it fit within my style guidelines was a must. I love that they have so many options, colors, and patterns to choose from. I personally love the groove thin silicone ring in the color pearl

Since my sizing is a 5.5 I originally ordered a size 6 which ended up being a little too big for my finger. So, I later ordered a size 5 and it was a perfect fit. So, if you are right in the middle like me drop down instead of going up in size.  Thank you to Groovelife for making a ring I can wear (or should I say flaunt) while exercising!!