Monthly Makeup Picks

For those of you who are not familiar with Glossier, let me be the first to introduce you to this amazing company. Glossier is a company that is elevating the beauty industry by creating products that, and I quote, “reflect how you get ready every day- starting with your skin, then working your way up.” 

So, lets start with skin… 

Here are a 7 reason why I love the company. The skincare line that they created is hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, appropriate for all skin types, sulfate free, paraben free, cruelty free and non-comedogenic. If you are looking for a clean skincare line and an easy routine I would recommend trying Glossier Phase 1 Set. I personally just ordered the Phase 1 set and I literally can’t wait to use it. Skin always come first, because if the skin is not primed and perfected the makeup will never wear well throughout the day. So, skin is always your first step! 

Moving on to makeup….

I truly believe in the phrase “less is more” when it comes to everyday makeup which is why I love the phase 2 set by Glossier. In this set, Glossier provides you with staple items that you will use, really use, in your everyday life. “Think groomed brows, flushed lips, and brighter, more even skin.” 

More makeup......

Not big into sets? That’s okay, they sell individual items too. My personal favorite singles are the cloud paint in shade puff, super pure serum and the haloscope highlighter.  With the cloud paint you can use your fingers to apply the blush and it will give you the perfect flush of color without looking like makeup. The super pure serum is great for my skin because I have oily skin and this product helps eliminate excess sebum production throughout the day. And lastly, the haloscope highlighter in Quartz is a true game changer. It is the perfect natural highlighter that looks beautiful and healthy on the skin. Haloscope is one of my favorite products on the market! 

Price point.....

All of the products are more than affordable. They are reasonably priced which makes me and my wallet very happy! 

If you can’t tell, I LOVE this company and I LOVE all of the products (which is a first for me as I typically don’t love an entire makeup line but this isn’t the case…. I literally LOVE this company and the products they create and sell.) Bravo Glossier, bravo!