Beauty + No Limits

    We are bound by the laws of physics. Without the laws of gravity, momentum, and light, our world would not exist as we know it. We owe our physical lives to these laws. But they need not apply to our spirits.

    We are taught that our lives are also bound by laws: standards of success and beauty that limit what we believe ourselves to be capable of achieving, of doing, of being. Our life’s work is to unearth and present the most authentic version of ourselves. We are immersed in the effort of self actualization, of determining who we are and cultivating an image based on that idea of our best self, and putting it out into the world. Rules, standards, trends, and fads restrict us in the creation of a physical identity that matches what we feel we are within. As a result we may be lost as individuals, relegated to being another embodiment of whatever of-the-moment look is dominating social media. These are standards because they are beautiful, but when it comes to makeup, style, and identity, one size does not fit all. Beauty transcends these laws when we trust our vision and defy the rules. 

    I have made my career by breaking the rules. In my work as a makeup artist, I go beyond rules and trends, using makeup to highlight a person’s natural beauty. I believe in shaping an image that you can be proud of that matches the work you’ve done your whole life to become your best self. If it is possible to capture your favorite parts of yourself and display them outwardly, that’s what I hope you will do. As an artist and beauty industry professional, that is all I can hope to do for my clients. 

    At 33 years old I am, for the first time in my life, doing what I absolutely love and what makes me happy. Beyond defying expectations of beauty, I dared to leave the comfort and stability of the corporate world to take a chance on pursuing my vision and bringing my art to life. This is more than my profession. I feel that it is alive inside me. It is my purpose and it energizes me, and to share it with others has given my life such meaning. I would not be the person that I am today if I had continued to exist within the confines of standards, rules, and expectations.

    Great things can happen when we choose to live our lives with the belief that the limits do not apply to us. In terms of beauty, if we can be comfortable with passing on trends that mute our individual beauty in favor of recreating a standard, we can achieve a look that enhances all the best parts of ourselves and is completely our own. Once we own this image of ourselves fearlessly and unapologetically, I believe we can bring that into the rest of our lives. We can dare to dream greatly, to take risks others may warn us not to, and to chance failure in order to achieve everything we know ourselves to be capable of.