Chemical Peels - To Get One or Not

Chemical Peels - Fear NOT!

There is no quicker path to confidence than to have a smooth healthy complexion, right? If you want vibrant skin, you may want to invest in doing routine chemical peels! Did you know more than 1 million people opt for this non-invasive procedure yearly. That means, even the girl and (GUY) next door are doing this without anyone ever knowing.

Chemical peels offer a whole host of benefits that include, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reducing the appearance of age spots and mild scars, reducing and treating acne, and can improve the texture of your skin. Intrigued yet?

Here’s how they work…..

Chemical peels damage the skin in a controlled manner, producing a superficial wound. The damaged skin regenerates through the growth of cells from deeper layers of the epidermis. As the damaged skin begins to repair itself by shedding off the top layer of the skin, new (healed) skin emerges. The new (healed) skin will have a more youthful texture with uniform coloration.

There are many different types of peels, so make sure you review with your esthetician which peel is appropriate for your skin type / condition.

Possible side effects….

The risks of chemical peels can include scarring, infections, allergic reaction, or reactivation of herpes. All patients will have a recuperation period in which the skin will need to heal itself. Depending on the peel you receive, the recuperation period can last anywhere from one week to a few weeks. Superficial peels typically have less risks associated with them, though it’s highly encouraged to speak to your esthetician about all the possible side effects.

If the benefits outweigh the side effects, this non-invasive treatment may be the exact thing you need to improve the appearance of your skin.