Morning and Night

Wash Your Face Morning and Night

“I’m too tired to wash my face tonight so I’ll just wash it in the morning.”….. Or, “I’m running late today, I’ll just wash my face when I get home.” I can’t tell you how many times I hear these statements in my profession and every time I hear them being said, I cringe! And believe me when I say, it’s the kind of cringe that is noticeable.  Let me tell you why you don’t want to skip out on washing your face both morning and night!


While we sleep our skin repairs itself. By not washing your face every night your skin can develop problems such as acne, wrinkles, rashes or infections! Gross right? As we sleep our skin produces oils and if your skin is not clean those oils can get trapped in the pores by the top layer of makeup making them clogged and prone to breakouts. I want breakouts when I wake up, said no one ever!!

Free radicals damage collagen, which you guessed it, leads to more wrinkles. Free radicals are caused by external factors such as pollution and sun damage. If we don’t remove these pollutants from our skin each night, we are asking for wrinkles and skin that is everything but healthy and glowing.

Rashes and infections are so my look, NOT! People, as we sleep the makeup that was left on your skin can flake off and go into your eye. If you wake up with pinkeye don’t say we didn’t warn you. Rashes and infections are very serious and will need to be treated by a doctor and who has time for that? Save yourself a trip to the doctors by simply washing your face.  


You wouldn’t skip brushing your teeth in the morning as it is important to your overall health, right? So why would you skip washing your face in the morning if it is as equally as important as brushing your teeth every morning?!

We just learned that while we sleep our skin produces oils right? By not removing those oils from your face in the morning, your pores can become clogged by an excess amount of oils which can lead to more breakouts throughout the day. In addition to oil production, your skin is also exposed to dust, dirt and bacteria while you sleep. So, by washing your face in the morning you are removing impurities and preparing your skin for the day!  

If you’re honing in on the overall thesis of this post, you’ll start washing your face morning and night! It’s that simple and that easy!