Mistakes you’re making when choosing a foundation for your skin type.

Mistake 1 – Not knowing your skin type….

Step one - identify your skin type; do you have normal, dry, sensitive, aging, oily, or combination skin? If you don’t know what your skin type is, book an appointment with your local esthetician and they will be able to identify your skin type.  

Mistake 2 - Choosing the right foundation for your skin type…

Foundations are designed to produce different results on different skin types, so the worst thing you can do is choose a foundation that is not right for your skin type.

Oily Skin –  Purchase a foundation that is oil-free, includes ingredients like salicylic acid and has a matte finish. Avoid foundations that leave a dewy finish! Your skin already produces too much oil, so choosing a foundation that leaves a dewy finish would be a tragic mistake.  

Dry Skin -  Purchase a foundation that provides extra hydration, includes moisturizing benefits and has a dewy finish. If your skin is parched, you can handle richer formulas! Avoid using POWDERS or foundations that produce a matte finish. Dry skin doesn’t produce enough natural oil to bind powder to the face, so the powder sits on top of the skin and will fall off within a couple hours of application.

Aging Skin – Purchase a foundation that is lightweight, includes ingredients that help to plump the skin and has correcting benefits that help with aging spots such has hypo and hyperpigmentation. Avoid using POWDER foundations at all costs! Powder foundations tend to settle into fine lines and cracks, which is exactly what we don’t want to draw attention to as we age. Instead, choose a water-based foundation with skin perfecting benefits.

Sensitive Skin – Purchase a foundation that is non comedogenic, fragrance free and alcohol free. Sensitive skin is very reactive and can become inflamed easily. Choose a foundation that says, “designed for sensitive skin.”

Normal Skin – Purchase a foundation with minimal coverage that includes an SPF. For a normal skin, your goal is to even the skin tone, not to correct or cover your skin. Let your freckles peak through your foundation!

Mistake 3 – Appling foundation incorrectly….

Use a foundation brush!! Sponges tend to soak up too much product, using your fingers applies uneven amounts of makeup on your face and whatever else mom or grandma taught you, throw it out the window!! (Sorry Mom)

Now, stop making these mistakes ladies! You will be amazed with the results you will see by choosing the right foundation for your skin type! Email us directly if you have any questions regarding your skin type and what foundation you should purchase.